I. 在下列各句的空白处填入一个适当的词,使句子意思完整,语法正确。(5分)

1。 My sister learned to skate by ________。 Nobody helped her。

2。 These students always sing an English ________ before class。

3. We can easily know what the weather is ________ on our smart phones.

4. If you are helpful, you can ________ on well with everyone around you.

5。 The shape of the basketball is ________。 That makes it easy to pass and throw。

II。 用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。(5分)

6。 It is ________ (polite) to talk loudly in public places like a library。

7. Li Fang is one of the most beautiful ________ (teach) in our country.

8. Doing homework ________ (careful) is a good habit and it helps a lot.

pk10走势图 9. Amy practices ________ (play) the piano for over two hours every day.

10. Russia is holding the (twenty-one) FIFA WORLD CUP now.

III。 单项挑选。(15分)


11. I enjoy hoaving ________ breakfast with my family at home. It makes me feel relaxed.

A. a

B。 an

C. the

D. /

12. Nowadays, there ________ more heroes in China. We admire them a lot.

A. is

B. are

C。 was

D. were

13。 The sky is much bluer ________ we have taken action to protect the environment。

A. because

B. before

C。 until

D. unless

14. ----Lucy, do you want to join the art club or the chess club?

----________. I like drawing pictures.

A。 Yes, I do

B。 The art club

C。 No, I don’t

D. The chess club

15. My little brother is a tidy boy. He always keeps his room ________.

A. clean

B。 to clean

pk10走势图 C. cleaning

D. cleaned

16. We Chinese ________ by the touching documentary Amazing China.

A。 encourage

B. encourages

C. are encouraged

D. are encouraging

pk10走势图 17. ________ clever dog Lucky is! It can understand Mr. Smith’s orders.

A. What

B. What a

pk10走势图 C。 How

D. How a

18。 Jack likes being with the classmates ________ are outgoing and kind。

A。 where

B。 which

C。 when

D. who

19。 When you meet a new word, you can ________ in a dictionary。

pk10走势图 A. cut it up

B。 clean it up

C。 look it up

D. put it up

pk10走势图 20. ----Hi, Jane! I’ll go to ShijiaZhang Huauang icy warmtea next month.

----Great! The glass bridge is ________ than any other one in the world.

A。 long

B. longer

C。 longest

D. the longest

pk10走势图 21。 I go to my grandparents’ home ________ with their housework every Sunday。

A. help

B. helped

C. to help

D. helping

22. Work hard and be patient, ________ your dream won’t come true.

A. or

B. and

C. but

D. so

23。 Dumplings are very delicious。 ________ of my parents like them。

A. All

B。 Both

C. None

D. Neither

24. ----Your bicycle is so nice. Could you tell me ________?

----Of course. At the shop near my home.

A. where you buy it

B. where do you buy it

C. where you bought it

D. where did you buy it

25. ----Shall we make a cake for Tina as a birthday gift?

----________. It will give her a big surprise.

A。 Good idea

B. I t’s a pity

C。 You’re welcome

D. Never mind
1. .4.get5.round6.impolite7.teachers8. carefully9.playing10. twenty-first
11.D 12.B 13.A14.B 15.A16.C 17B 18.D19.C 20.B21.C 22.A 23.B 24.C 25.A






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