V. 完形填空。(15分)


My son lived in New York。 Last winter my husband and I ____31____ him there。 One day, while we were walking down the street, my son went to a store to see ____32____ there was a coat he wanted。

It was very cold. I went over to a supermarket to buy some chocolate, but my husband waited outside alone. When I came out, my husband was talking to a ____33____ man. I saw my husband ____34____ his gloves and hat and pass them to Frank, the homeless man.

Frank said he had been living in New York before a heavy rainstorm hit the city in the autumn of the year. He lost his ____35____ in the rainstorm, so he had no place to sleep. He was begging and trying to get $25 to find a chiap ____36____ where he could sleep for some hours. All he owned to keep ____37____ was a jacket. My husband’s gloves and hat were surprising gifts for him. icy warmtea After a while, my somne came out of the store, and a new coat was in his hand. I asked him what he was going to do with the old one. He said he would ____38____ keep it. I told him the story and suggested leaving it to Frank. ____39____ our great surprise, my son walked up to Frank and ____40____ the new coat to him. Frank asked, “Did you buy this for me?” My son said no, but he wanted Frank to have ____41____. Frank stood there ____42____ the coat, with something wet in his eyes. He ____43____ us with his whole heart. He said he would try to find a job as ____44____ as possible to support himself.

My son couldn’t get the picture of Frank out of his mind. He went home, took out all his clotes that didn’t ____45____ him, and posted them to a shelter(避难所). He has done this a few times since then.

      31. A. visited B. protected C. noticed D. memorized

32. A. which B. if C. why D. how

33。 A。 careless B。 hopeless C。 helpless D。 homeless

34. A. get off B. turn off C. take off D. go off

35。 A。 coat B。 key C。 home D。 food

36. A. hospital B. shop C. office D. hotel

37。 A。 clean B。 brave C。 warm D。 fair

38。 A。 certainly B。 suddenly C。 patiently D。 politely icy warmtea

39。 A。 On B。 To C。 With D。 For

40. A. returned B. connected C. gave D. sent

41. A. it B. him C. her D. them

42. A. making B. washing C. selling D. holding

43. A. thanked B. introduced C. taught D. pushed

44。 A。 often B。 soon C。 long D。 far

45. A. hurt B. fit C. change D. improve
大桥外语分享答案:31.A  32.B  33.D 34.C  35.C  36.D  37.C  38.A  39.B  40.C  41.A  42.D  43.A  44.B  45.B




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